Carolina Fever Points Database

How Points Work
  • Each Carolina Fever event is worth a designated point value (Click here for values).
  • Participants receive points for signing in and out of these events with their UNC One Card. 
  • Students will receive one point if they cannot attend the event in its entirety and  only sign in or sign out to an event. (Carolina Fever reserves the right not to award points if students enter or leave directly before sign in or sign outs)

Bonus Points
Participants can receive bonus points for the following:

  • Early Enrollment Bonus (+1 point): Sign up before the first designated event on Friday, August 24th to receive +1 bonus point
  • Kick-Off Bonus (+1): Scan your OneCard by 45 min before football kick-off to receive +1 bonus point
  • Turn-It-Blue Bonus (+1): Pre-determined events with focus on Turning It Blue (White or Pink), members receive +1 bonus point
  • Attendance Record (+1 point) – Every time a program attendance record is broken, everyone in attendance gets +1 point
  • Student Rams (+1 point) – Bonus point given for members who are in the  Student Rams Club
  • GAA Student Member (+1 point) – Bonus point awarded (General Alumni Association)

Fever Databases

For point corrections email  All corrections are due within 24 hours of said event!