This Weeks Email

There'll Be a Carolina Victory (and a dOOk beatdown)



Welcome to January! All the cold and darkness of December without the presents to make it all worth it. Except for me that is because yesterday was my birthday. I turned 22 on the 22nd.  I was told that made it my “golden birthday.”  I got really excited until I got, like, no gold in my presents. It was all frankincense and myrrh.  Lame.


Anyways, at least we have a real GOLDEN week of sports coming up, if you know what I mean. (I am so sorry.)





Men’s Basketball vs. Georgia Tech

When: About 3 hours ago

Where: Home Court of the Greek Gods

Details: So this email was written before the game and I’m just now sending it but man what a night! Heels played a complete game and looked pretty darn good doing it.  And of course, dOOk getting destroyed helps a lot.  That’s two days in the last eleven that we’ve won and dOOk’s lost.  Add to that the fact that State lost to WAKE last night, and it’s been a good week and it’s only Wednesday.



Swimming and Diving vs. dOOk

When: Saturday, Jan 26, 12:00PM (Sign Ins: 11-12)

Where: Koury Natatorium

Points: 3

Details:  I don’t know a lot about dOOk swimming, but I’m assuming their divers are especially skilled at the belly flop because, ya know, dOOk.

Prize Distribution: The meet on Saturday will be our next prize distribution!  Some of you are getting pretty high up there towards the big prizes of backpacks and jackets. But remember, even if you just have 5 points, you’re eligible for a free t-shirt!


NC State Game Viewing Party!


Come join Carolina Fever as we cheer on our Tar Heels Saturday against NC State! Our party is hosted by Coca-Cola so there will be plenty of food, drinks, and prizes for everyone, not to mention a chance to win DUKE TICKETS! Not only will you be able to attend the game with these tickets, you’ll be on the court for the halftime challenge where the winner will receive a HUGE prize! We will be watching in Chapman 201. Start coming at 6:30 for free food, tipoff is at 7. Seating is limited so be early! This is an event you won’t want to miss!





This week in From The Desk of  the Ticket and Database Operations Chair


We always want to make sure that your points total for Fever is 100% correct.  With that in mind, we have restructured how we will do corrections from here on out. We will no longer use the account for point corrections. Please read the attached letter from our TDO Chair explaining how to go about correcting any point discrepancies there may be. Her name is Alexandra Cruz and you can think of her as the Godfever of all of points. 


This week in Don’t Be That Guy (or Girl)


Remember in 1st grade when you were waiting in the lunch line and your arch nemesis cut in front of you and you were so unbelievably enraged you screamed such profanities as “Hey! No butting, you jerk-face poophead!”?  And then remember that time you were waiting in line for a roller coaster and there were those guys everyone hated who walked to the front of the line to meet their friends even though you had been waiting in line for an hour?  Well some things never change.  This applies to waiting to get into the Dean Dome.  I understand everyone has commitments like class and clubs, but cutting in line to meet with your friends makes the people who have been freezing their butts off for hours hate you.  We shouldn’t be getting annoyed with each other before we go cheer for the same team. So, dude, don’t be that guy.


This week in Why dOOk Sucks


I mentioned last semester how dOOk’s record so far this year was deceiving, especially when you consider that they had not played a single true road game at that point.  Well turns out that’s not just a coincidence specific to this year. In fact, in the last 13 YEARS dOOk has scheduled a total of THREE true road games out of conference (excluding the ACC/Big10 challenge when they are contractually obligated to play a road game some years). That’s three out of almost 150 games that Coach K had control of scheduling. dOOk’s record in those three games is 1-2.  By comparison, in a span of 16 DAYS in 2007, Carolina played three true road games out of conference and went 3-0.  Last year, dOOk was forced to play one true road game against Ohio State in the Challenge and lost by 22.  This year dOOk has two @’s so far on their schedule. These were outside of K’s control because they were conference games at State and Miami. Oh, and they ‘ve now lost both of those, one by 27.  That shiny record doesn’t look so great anymore, does it?


This week in Why We’re Carolina and Everyone Else Isn’t


I don’t need to tell any of you that we have a beautiful campus.  But we’re all biased of course.  So that’s why it’s nice to see us get some recognition from outside sources.  Make sure you read the reasoning behind our ranking on this list.  As the oldest public university, our campus reflects our history instead of hiding it.  If you have the time, read the description of UVA’s campus.  It’s easy to see the line between pride and snobbery that UNC possesses that other historic universities do not.


Great crowd and great win tonight, Heels!


Grab the victory!


Joe Petrizzi




Point Corrections


To better handle point corrections this semester we have implemented a new e-mail system. Instead of e-mailing we ask that you e-mail your point corrections to the e-mail address that corresponds with the first letter of your last name. The new e-mail addresses are:


Last Name A-D:

Last Name E-H:

Last Name I-L:

Last Name M-R:

Last Name S-Z:


So if your name is Joe Petrizzi, you would e-mail with your point corrections (because the letter P is in between the letters M and R… for those of you who weren't sure)


When e-mailing a correction remember to include your PID, Name, the event you want corrections for and WHY you want the correction. Our directors may ask you for some kind of confirmation that you were at the event. We will try and fix your corrections in a timely manner but remember we're students too! Give us a little slack! A director will respond to you within a week. 


Also, if you try and ask for a point correction for an event that was more than two weeks ago the correction will not be made. So, make sure to keep track of your points online so you can make any necessary corrections within the time limit. If you have any questions about this process please ask a director or e-mail one of the e-mail addresses above. Thank you!


Alexandra Cruz

Ticketing & Database Operations Chair